In March, in Târgu Mureş (March 06th at 15:30, Castel Haller) and Cluj-Napoca (March 08th at 15:00, Grand Hotel Italia) two special events will take place, events designed to celebrate women from local communities under the name “Together in the woman’s day”.

Many of today’s events bring to the forefront famous people in order for them to share with the public details of their way to success. In this way, a kind of famous personalities cult is created, while the true heroines, those who by what they are doing daily they make a difference in the communities in which they live, remain anonymous“.

Due to this fact we’ve decided to develop this series of events with the main purpose of bringing local women, our day by day heroines in front in order to hear their valuable stories, and in the same time to celebrate the women’s day in specially chosen locations, having dinner together and lots of good stories, all this for a memorable evening.

At the events, we will have also a raffle with prizes offered by companies that have accepted the invitation to enter the campaign “We support women”, a campaign in which they have been invited to show their appreciation towards women, for women contribution in our society.

Details and registrations for Târgu Mureş here:

Details and registration for Cluj-Napoca

More pieces of information at:, 0735777740

We kindly invite you to join us

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